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Japanese Grammar, Vocab. and Kanji

Japanese for the Idiot in Mind

Japanese Grammar, Vocab and Kanji
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Baka Nihongo! - A Community for
Japanese Learning

Welcome to Baka Nihongo! Here
we invite everyone to post questions about Japanese as well as
useful grammar, kanji and vocab posts. As with all other communities
a few rules apply of course. However, as long as they are followed
things should flow smoothly and soon we'll have a nice database for
people to reference during their study. がんばりましょう!!


1. All posts will
be moderated. My main reason is the neatness factor. I want all
entries to be as neat and clean as possible. When posting, keep in
mind that your questions or grammar posts will be saved to the
memories section so it should be as neat as possible so others can
utilize the information as well. If I decide the post isn't neat
enough I will edit it myself. Sorry to be so anal but it's better
that way.

2. Before posting, check the
memories section to see if your question has been answered or your
grammar point has been posted. If it has, your post will be deleted.
Again, this is just to keep the community neat and organized. If we
get this type of post we will send an email to the poster informing
them where to find the answer. We want to maintain a friendly
atmosphere so don't feel offended if this happen. Like I said,
neatness in this type of community is key. Later we might actually
include a question form here, but for the moment don't worry about

3. Your friendly moderators are liquidxdiamonds
and delicioussakura.
If you have any questions kindly direct them to other of us. We will
help you as best we can.


If you found this community
useful, please tell other's about us. At the moment I don't have any
banners but that will be rectified shortly.

Credits: Japanese Foundation Course II by Umeda Chisako, Tada Miyuki, Tsuchiya Momoko, Hachiwaka Sumiko.
Yookoso! by Yasu-Hiko Tohsaku