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500 Years Later...

Wow! I just looked and realized I had 51 members! I totally have forgotten about this community. Please feel free to post whatever. I've kind of let it become a free-for-all and why not? Asking questions can be the best way to learn a language, ne? I had hoped to create something of an archive of grammar points and vocabulary so feel free to post anything. I'll try to memory stuff that's important.

Sorry for being such a slacker ><


Also, I am officially an Advanced II learner of the language. This doesn't mean that I'm perfectly fluent. I forget grammar all the time, my speaking skills leave a lot to be imagined and I forget how to write kanji all the time. But language is a constant learning process. One needs to constantly be going over grammar points. So if you have any questions, I'll do my best to help out!


Hi there, i found this blog trough a search.. i am looking for a translation for a friend.

She wants:

I love avocado maki

translated. someone helped me already and got

avocado maki ga daisuki da

but she wants it in Kanji, could you help? :)