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mitsuko_s in baka_nihongo

Games/reading for kana/kanji/vocabulary practice

Does anybody knows about games in flash or not to practice kana/kanji and vocabulary?
I´m not talking about kana flashcards like in www.realkana.com. But some kind of videogames.
Specially kana, since I´ve just learn´d them all but haven´t started studying kanji yet. 

And about a way to start reading in japanese, like some kind of book for children or easy-reading manga?

Tks again for your help.


There's this RPG game called Knuckles in China Land. You can practice/learn vocabulary there and practice Kanji there, though personally I don't like it as a tool for Kanji. It uses repetition as a technique for memory, which I find okay for vocabs, but for Kanji, not that much, since I like to memorize the character by the way I write it together with the pronunciations.

Also, if you're familiar with the Nintendo gaming consoles, there's an awesome ROM for practicing (writing, reading) Kanji; Dokodemo for DS. (Nintendo DS has a touch screen interface so you can really practice your strokes and stuff!)

I also saw a series of Doraemon Kanji games for GBA. I haven't tried them though, so I'm not sure..

Hope that helped some. I'm sure there are a lot of other games out there. ^_^