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I love RK

annette_vargo in baka_nihongo

I was reading a doujinshi and came across this: そんなっかり

I know what "sonna" and "kari" mean by themselves, but with the baby-tsu stuck inbetween them, is there any good translation for "sonnakkari"?

Also in the same doujinshi, I saw this: やめようよ

If I am not mistaken, "yameru" can mean stop pr end something but what about "yameyou yo"? Just a bit confusing!


Hmm, while I have no idea about the sonnakkari, Yameyou yo, appears to be a strong statement, thus having the extra 'yo' at the end to stand for an exclamation point.

The literal translation for やめよう is 'to retire' so by looking at this word along with the よ on the end I'm thinking it's probably something along the lines of:


Or "WHY DON'T YOU JUST RETIRE ALREADY?!" depending on what the context is, like who said it and how old they are, and what situation/setting they are in.

Well I'm thinking...Sonnakkari...LOL Man I just don't even know! Something about OH NO NOT THE HUNTING AGAIN?! LOL I have no idea if that would make sense in your doujin though XD

I hope that helps if even a little!